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Church Recorders set out to discover and document forgotten and hidden rich artistic heritage in places of worship. They make records of the content of churches: memorials, metalwork, woodwork, textiles, windows etc. 


Church Recorders are members of The Arts Society who have an interest in preserving important artefacts and providing archival material for future researchers. They are not necessarily experts in any particular subject but are willing to learn and increase their expertise.


Twenty members of The Arts Society Scarborough and Derwent evening society completed a detailed record of the contents of St Oswald's Church in Filey.  St Oswald's Parish church was being built during the reigns of Henry II, Richard I, John and Henry III.  A bound record of the contents was proudly presented to St Oswald's Church at the end of the thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding project.   


An enthusiastic group of Church Recorders commenced a new project at St Laurence's Church, Scalby, Scarborough and we are looking for more volunteers to help.


The Arts Society Scarborough assisted in raising funds for the restoration of the beautiful Pre-Raphaelite stained glass windows at St Martin-on-the-Hill on the South Cliff in Scarborough, one of England's best churches, notable for its splendid architechure, rich furnishings and colourful decoration.  St Martin's was built in 1863 by Bodley and worked on by Burne-Jones, Morris, Maddox-Brown and Rossetti.

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(1) St Martin on the Hill Scarborough

(2) St Oswald's Church Filey

St Martins Church
                              Main Isle
St Oswalds